KD Preacher Pinup

SKU: KD-Preacher Pinup
Price: 950.00руб.

Unfortunately due to an accident the master was destroyed and we currently cannot produce anymore. While the issue is resolved we will sell the existing 95 casts and pick back up once we have new masters to work from.

The Preacher Pinup was digitally sculpted by Jon-Troy based on Lokman Lam's voluptuous re-imagination of the original Preacher character!

The 95 that are available are packed like our early releases, in a larger 7"x5" kraft box which contains:

  • Resin Preacher Pinup Miniature
  • Resin Kingdom Death base & 25mm black slotted base
  • 6"x4" Print of the Pinup Artwork on 14pt matte card stock
  • A bonus variant Preacher Pinup head without glasses