RIA-18 Chernomorskaya Sotnia (Black sea hundred) cossacks command

Price: 800.00руб.

Набор содержит 3 конные миниатюры. Фигуры изготовлены из белого металла. Размер фигур 28мм.

Скульптор: Николай Гордеев.

Set include 3 metal miniatures, horses included.

Sculptor: Nikolay Gordeyev.

18.05.1811 - formed the Leib-Guards Black Sea Cossack hundred, under the command of Colonel A. F. Bursak, consisting of: staff officer

1, chief officers 3, 14 constables, 100 Cossacks, 118 horses
In 1812, the hundred arrived in St. Petersburg and enlisted in the Leib-Guards Cossack regiment with the 4th squadron.
14.06.1812 - the hundred engaged the French hussars near the town of Novye Troki and drove them back.
25.04.1813-the hundred was renamed the Leib-Guards Black Sea squadron.

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